In order to create healthy trees well-suited to their environment they often need to undergo some type of pruning – let us help you!

Healthy Trees Result from Proper Pruning

There are various types of pruning that can be explored to suit the needs of your tree. We offer years of expertise and training to give you valuable pruning advice when it comes to the health and longevity of your tree.

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Here’s What We Offer:

General Maintenance Prune
General maintenance pruning involves removing any dead branches, crossing/rubbing branches or branches with weak attachments, often a general maintenance prune will include some clearance pruning and thinning.

Crown Elevation
Sometimes tree branches will hang too low over sidewalks or roads resulting in damage from vehicles or vandalism. Canopies can also need to be raised to allow sight lines for traffic or to allow for lawn mowing. Crown elevation is best done when the tree is young to avoid leaving large wounds. Removal of or trimming up of low hanging branches can raise the canopy as needed.

Clearance Pruning
In most circumstances it is acceptable to have branches growing over a roof or other structure, often these branches need to be trimmed in ensure that vertical roof clearance is maintained, it’s better for the roof and the tree if branches aren’t rubbing on shingles.

Structural Pruning
To avoid long term issues it is best to structurally prune young trees. This type of pruning encourages good long term structure by removing any crossing branches or branches growing too close to the ground. Structural pruning also involves, depending on the species, the subordination of secondary leaders to promote a strong central leader.

Canopy Thinning
Having very dense tree canopies can sometimes lead to issues. During wet cooler temperature water can be trapped in dense canopies. This creates a nice environment for fungal pathogens. We can reduce the chances of a foliar fungal infection by reducing tree stress however increasing the airflow within the canopy can help reduce the chances of infection. Increasing the airflow can be achieved by canopy thinning. It is best not to be too aggressive with thinning as too much thinning can alter the wind load that is applied to the tree.

What To Expect When You Choose Us

If you decide to use our services, you won’t regret it. Our knowledge and experience means you are in good hands

Continuing Education

We care very much about educating our employees and are continually supporting growth & development

Prioritizing Safety

Safety is a priority and our safety committee is constantly striving to stay on top of new developments in our ever evolving work environment

ISA Certified Arborists

International Society of Arboriculture certification requires continuing education units to maintain the qualification. This ensures that the knowledge of all our employees is current and expanding

We're Covered

We are fully insured and all employees are protected by WSIB coverage

No Mess

We take a lot of pride in the clean up after the work is completed. Your yard will look as clean, if not cleaner than we arrived

Industry Leaders

Some of our employees are instructors in the arboriculture program at Humber College and teach workshops provided by the International Society of Arboriculture.

Champion Tree Climbers

Our employees are regular competitors in the Ontario Tree Climbing championships and some have gone on to win and compete in the North American & International Tree Climbing Championships.

You're in Good Hands

You can be assured that your tree pruning needs can be met by our professional arborists.

You Can Trust Us

From the initial consultation you can be confident that our knowledgeable and honest estimators will give you the best advice to meet your tree care requirements.


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Common Questions

The urban environment is a stressful place for a tree to live; we are constantly raking up leaves, reducing the amount of organic matter available to the tree, we walk or drive over their root zones compacting the soil, and we contaminate soils with road salt or other chemicals. Because of this abnormal stress trees need a little help from us in order to be healthy. Watering is one of the simplest ways to reduce the stress that urban trees face. Trees like a deep soaking rather than a light sprinkling, like we water lawns or other plants. Deep watering encourages fine feeder roots to move deeper reducing the chances of drying out during drought periods.
No. Trees are complex living beings; they sense weaknesses in their structure and their growth reacts to accommodate this. Topping of trees or reducing the crown size negatively impacts the long term structure of the tree. Removing a large portion of the crown stimulates a stress response that results in multiple shoots emerging from the point at which the tree was cut. The resultant shoots grow at a rate that far exceeds the normal growth rate of branches and the attachment points are much weaker. Essentially topping a tree results in a faster growing, thicker and weaker structured crown.
Yes! Mulch, if applied properly, is great for improving tree health. Woodchip mulch can help to improve soil structure; in the process of breaking down it can create pore space in the soil for water and gas exchange. The decomposition of the mulch also encourages insects and beneficial microorganisms into the soil. Another benefit of mulch is that it can regulate the moisture content of the soil. When applying mulch you should make sure that it is not piled against the trunk as this area of bark is not designed to have moisture trapped against it and can lead to decay. The mulch ring can be as wide as you would like it to be, the wider the better as fine feeder roots can spread great distances from the trunk.

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