We offer many additional services that contribute to the health and longevity of your tree.

We offer an array of other tree care services!

Stump Removal
When your tree is removed we can grind out the stump below ground level to allow you to plant something new or lay sod in its place. You can even keep the grinding mulch, if you wish, to use in your garden beds. Many of our stump grinders can fit through standard sized gates so we can grind stumps in backyards too!

Cabling & Bracing
In some cases, tree removal isn’t the only option. Cabling and bracing can prolong the life of a tree that’s sustained storm damage, lost a leader and is consequently susceptible to further damage or becoming hazardous.

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Sometimes urban soils need an extra little kick of nutrients. The bonus of our high pressure liquid injection of nutrients also helps to break up compacted soil and gives thirsty trees a good drink.

Tree Planting
Whether you’re looking to replace a tree that’s been removed or wanting to welcome a new tree into your landscape, we offer thoughtful tree planting services! We take special care in tree species selection, encourage planting the “right tree for the right spot”, and ensure proper installation so the tree can thrive in its new home!

TreeAzin Injections
TreeAzin is used as a treatment against Emerald Ash Borer, an exotic pest that is ravaging our urban forest. Treating your ash trees with TreeAzin reduces the chance of the tree dying as a result of Emerald Ash Borer infestation.

What To Expect When You Choose Us

If you decide to use our services, you won’t regret it. Our knowledge and experience means you are in good hands

Continuing Education

We care very much about educating our employees and are continually supporting growth & development.

Prioritizing Safety

Safety is a priority and our safety committee is constantly striving to stay on top of new developments in our ever evolving work environment.

ISA Certified Arborists

International Society of Arboriculture certification requires continuing education units to maintain the qualification. This ensures that the knowledge of all our employees is current and expanding.

We're Covered

We are fully insured and all employees are protected by WSIB coverage.

No Mess

We take a lot of pride in the clean up after the work is completed. Your yard will look as clean, if not cleaner than we arrived.

Industry Leaders

Some of our employees are instructors in the arboriculture program at Humber College and teach workshops provided by the International Society of Arboriculture.

Champion Tree Climbers

Our employees are regular competitors in the Ontario Tree Climbing championships and some have gone on to win and compete in the North American tree climbing championships.

You're in Good Hands

ISA Certified Arborists can assess your tree and describe the best course of action.

You Can Trust Us

From the initial consultation you can be confident that our knowledgeable and honest estimators will give you the best advice to meet your tree care requirements.


  • Just wanted to take a moment to express my thanks for the tree removal. The crew were friendly, professional, and did a great job!


  • My family and I were very happy with the work you did at our home and we were surprised how quick and quiet you were completing the work. We would never have known you were here, if not for the giant tree missing from our front yard.
    Thank you again for the highly professional and excellent service you provided.


  • Wow! Thanks to everyone. I’m speechless and happy and I feel at ease.


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